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Uncontested Divorce Filings

Uncontested Divorce Filings

Uncontested Divorce Filings




Motion for Divorce

Get your initial motion for divorce, which you can customize. Enter below.

Complete Initial Court Filings

Get your court filings, which you will need to file with the courthouse. 

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Making sure the court documents get to the right person can be the difference between a dismissal and a divorce. We get service for the other side.
Judge Scheduling

We schedule a court hearing for you to speak with the judge and present your case.
Divorce Hearing Documents

As you go through a divorce, there are other necessary documents you will need to take to the judge. With your hearing documents in hand, you will be able to avoid delays others face in getting a quick divorce.
Courtroom Drop Service

All of the divorce documents needed for your quick divorce will be available for you in the courtroom where the divorce is finalized. No need to worry about what to expect, the court will be expecting you.



The Celeste Firm Online Legal Services. Divorce Filing Package. You get the legal help you need, affordably. Our online services are designed for you to take care of your own legal needs. We will help you in court, with our court-room drop service. With statutory divorce documents filed, you can can go into court confident you will get divorced. $199. Filing fees excluded.  You will receive additional details in 24 to 48 hours.  For faster service, text "Upgraded" at 708-629-1707.