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Eviction Killer


Eviction Killer: Stop Evictions, Eliminate Back Rent

Protect Your Apartment
Protect Your Apartment

Defense can reduce back rent, stop evictions, stay in your home or apartment.

Stop evictions. Reduce back rent. Stay in your apartment. Get evictions off your record. Get legal help with or without an attorney. The Celeste Firm helps you fight your eviction case free, guiding you at each step.

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My Commitment to You

You are important, which is why we offer the best possible free and affordable eviction defense service in Cook County. Altogether, you will benefit from getting the eviction defense information without the hassle and the cost of hiring an attorney.

Illinois & Cook County Eviction Defense.

Generate your eviction defense documents free, reviewed by a lawyer.

It’s a simple process. Automatically file your documents online. We can review and / or present your case, before you file and go to court. In 2020 we’re helping more than 3,000 people reduce their back rent, buy time, and stop evictions – that is our mission.

Eviction Questions

  • What is eviction?
    • An eviction is a lawsuit, when a landlord wants to remove a tenant from an apartment or living space.
  • What if I don’t owe back rent?
    • There are several ways to prove that you don’t owe back rent. Many people tell the court or judge why they don’t owe the back rent, but most don’t understand how the law protects their finances.
  • My landlord isn’t telling the truth, what should I do?
    • Make sure to document everything! Your landlord should be providing you with reciepts for payments, and in many cases, Cook County residents should have a lease agreement.

The Celeste Firm Questions

The Celeste Firm started in 2018. Our mission is to help you protect your legal right. We are a team of lawyers and data analysts on a mission to protect tenants from the financial harm of eviction.

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