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Can the state charge you for a firearm that was at your parole?…

CLIENT Can the state charge you for a firearm that was at your parole sight if you wasn’t there but others were? THE CELESTE FIRM It’s Celeste here. The straight dope: if you’re a felon with a gun on your property- you are in violation. Unfortunately, this affect you even if you are not the…
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Can undercover officers stalk you?

CLIENT: (Greenville, IL) They are showing naked pictures outside my bedroom and everyone’s house I go to. They are listening to every house I go to also…i can hear them. THE CELESTE FIRM: To answer your basic question, stalking is an illegal action, so, no. Officers are not allowed to commit crimes.

Should I step forward with statutory rape charges? What will be the penalties for the person?

CLIENT: (Chicago, IL) I was 16 and he was 18. We had sex and I ended up getting pregnant. He told me to terminate the pregnancy because he said he wasn’t going to help me raise his child. So I terminated the pregnancy even though I didn’t want to. He also use to used me for…
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