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What is custody?


What is custody?

  • What is custody? Custody is now called allocation of parental responsibilities. Each parent will get a certain percentage of time and responsibility over the children.
  • Why is it so important? Custody is important because it determines a parents rights in a child’s life. In some cases, a person can lose all parental rights in a child.
  • What to expect in the custody hearing: Custody depends on multiple issues. But, the judge will be looking at what is in the best interest of the child. If possible, it is better to settle custody issues with the other parent. All parties should dress as professionally as possible. The judge may ask some questions, and typically, attorneys battle over the facts and law.
  • How does custody affect your finances? Custody, child support, and divorce affects parents’ finances. Every parent has a legal duty to financially support children. Whoever has more time with the children will be entitled to money from the other parent.
  • How does custody affect immigration? Custody can affect immigration because a child’s home state may be in the United States, even though a parent is from another country.
  • How can you get custody? If a parent is not careful, a judge will determine parental rights. You can get custody by using our online legal services. Our system helps you get court-ordered custody, you can begin for $99 and up. No hassle, no stress, just the right protection of your children.

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