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Business Solutions: E-Punch Card

Business Solutions: E-Punch Card

Keep track of employee time and attendance with E-Punch. With hourly or salaried employees, you need a simple, easy-to-use system to:

  • Record clock in-times and clock out-times;
  • Keep track of clock in locations; and
  • Calculate the total hours worked in a day.

The Celeste Firm E-Punch Card system helps you manage employee time and attendance. This system also allows you to enter, manipulate, and cross reference time data for your company. Whether you want your employees to enter time in the office, or at another location, you will be able to account for worker times and costs in your business.

The Celeste Firm E-Punch Card Work
The Celeste Firm E-Punch Card Work

Try it free! Demo below.

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