Saving Lives & Reducing Physician Liability

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Saving Lives & Reducing Physician Liability

What is Medical Battery?

Picture this:

  1. Patient comes in for operation (stent).
  2. Doctor is out of the office.
  3. Patient only wants Doctor to perform surgery.
  4. Doctor-in-Training (Fellow) operates on Patient.
  5. Patient operation? Very unsuccessful.
  6. Patient has body painfully reconstructed.
  7. Lawsuit.

Case documents can be downloaded on (Click here).

Medical Battery means that doctors, nurses, and other health professionals can be sued if they provide treatment without patient consent. Physicians, in particular, can be sued, even if they have the best intentions. When doctors deviate from a treatment plan, or continue treatment despite patient wishes, medical networks are at risk for a lawsuit (litigation).

How Does it Affect Me?

Patients, healthcare professionals, and insurance companies all pay a steep price when medical battery occurs. When patients sue doctors for medical battery, it can literally cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars!

How Can I Reduce My Risk?

Defending a lawsuit or negotiating a settlement can be can be time consuming and complex. Obtaining informed consent and following the treatment plan can significantly lower health provider risks. If you are a healthcare provider, and have been sued, working with an attorney can help you limit risk and reduce costs.

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