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Tenant’s Rights: Commercial vs. Apartment

Topic: Business & Contracts, Court Representation & Litigation, Real Estate, Landlord Tenant Read Time: 1-3 mins Free Tools & Services: Tenant’s Toolkit. Sign up to get free tools for tenants. What Is Happening? COVID-19 has stopped the economy for many Americans. Workers and businesses alike are wondering what is next, and how to pay rent.…
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Protecting Business Data like Your Health: Plan, Assess, Safeguard

Topic: Business, Organizations, Data, Data Privacy, HIPPA, PII Read Time: 3-5 mins Free Privacy Policy Tools & Services: At the end of this article, get your free: Privacy Policy Toolkit. Answer short questions to get a free assessment and sample policy. Identity Restoration Service. We help you discover misuse of your personal information, and protect…
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Title Insurance: Stopping Homeowner Heartache

What is Title Insurance? Title insurance protects real estate owners, banks, and stakeholders by insuring against risks to property title. When you buy property, you want to own it without someone suing you- claiming they are the actual owners, or have lien on the land. How Does it Protect Me? Title insurance can protect you…
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Benefiting Communities with Corporations

Illinois law allows corporations to server shareholders and society. “(a) A benefit corporation shall have a purpose of creating general public benefit. This purpose is in addition to its purposes under Section 3.05 of the Business Corporation Act of 1983 and any specific purpose set forth in its articles of incorporation in accordance with subsection…
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