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The Celeste Firm Gets New Litigation Client

The Celeste Firm has acquired a new individual client. Our new client, a family suing a very large organization, will receive litigation, consultation, and settlement services. (Signed September 2018)

The Celeste Firm Gets New Multi-Unit Landlord Client

The Celeste Firm has acquired a new landlord client. Our new client, a multi-unit landlord, will receive management, maintenance, and eviction litigation services. (Signed September 2018)

Divorce is rarely simple.

DIVORCE is rarely simple. There are many issues over finances, children, property, and debt.

Make sure to check your lease.

You live in Chicago. Classic landlord-tenant issues can usually be resolved by reading and understanding the lease agreement. If you don’t have a lease agreement- you definitely should get one. While you can download forms online, it’s typically a better idea to retain an attorney to help you understand how certain words will land you…
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Can the state charge you for a firearm that was at your parole?…

CLIENT Can the state charge you for a firearm that was at your parole sight if you wasn’t there but others were? THE CELESTE FIRM It’s Celeste here. The straight dope: if you’re a felon with a gun on your property- you are in violation. Unfortunately, this affect you even if you are not the…
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Can undercover officers stalk you?

CLIENT: (Greenville, IL) They are showing naked pictures outside my bedroom and everyone’s house I go to. They are listening to every house I go to also…i can hear them. THE CELESTE FIRM: To answer your basic question, stalking is an illegal action, so, no. Officers are not allowed to commit crimes.

Should I step forward with statutory rape charges? What will be the penalties for the person?

CLIENT: (Chicago, IL) I was 16 and he was 18. We had sex and I ended up getting pregnant. He told me to terminate the pregnancy because he said he wasn’t going to help me raise his child. So I terminated the pregnancy even though I didn’t want to. He also use to used me for…
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